1st Charity Dinner to Support the Cancer Research

The Mãe de Deus Cancer Hospital (Hospital do Câncer Mãe de Deus) and the Equestrian Society of Porto Alegre (Sociedade Hípica Porto Alegrense) will promote on September 24th, 2016, the 1st Charity Dinner to Support the Cancer Research – Cancer is not unbeatable when we work together!

The objective of the dinner is to raise funds for the CURE Project, an initiative of LACOG (Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group), which proposes the development of actions to collect resources to support cancer researches in Latin America. The CURE Project takes advantage of events to raise awareness, educate and raise funds to support such researches that are crucial for the discovery of news treatments to combat the disease. The dinner has a special feature –the invitees will watch an equestrian race in a sophisticated and elegant environment.

Objectives of the event:

  • Collect resources for the CURE Project
  • Arise the interest of all attendees about the importance of this theme to the civil society
  • Sensitize, mobilize and engage the public to support the cancer research

Some important information about the event:

When: September 24th, 2016, Saturday, at 7:45 PM
Where: Sociedade Hípica Porto Alegrense, Av. Juca Batista, 4931 – Zona Sul – Porto Alegre – RS Valet Parking (no cost)
Wear: Party suit
Target audience: 150 members of the civil society in Porto Alegre
Agenda of event:

07:45 PM – Reception cocktail
08:30 PM – Onset of equestrian event – jumping
09:15 PM – Official opening
21:45 PM – Dinner and auction

You or your company can experience a unique satisfaction by attending a charity dinner and joining those who believe that the fight against cancer depends on union, research and mobilization.

For further information contact:

Vanessa Patzlaff Brandolf
[email protected]
Fone: 55 51 9282 4239