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3rd Edition of Renata Thormann Procianoy Award counts with Cristália´s support

10 June 2021 – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one can notice the importance of celebrating the efforts towards research and knowledge exchange. With that in mind, for the first year, the Cristália pharmaceutic company will support the Renata Thormann Procianoy Award. The awarding event will take place on June 16th, from 8:00 pm thru 08:30 pm, during 2021 Best of ASCO Annual Meeting – Brazil Edition. Such congress, one of the largest oncology events in the country, will be held online from June 14 thru June 16. There are no fees to join the congress, which is designed for physicians and other health professionals; enrollment is open. Enrollment is available here.

Cristália, our new partner, is a Brazilian pharmaceutic, pharmachemical and biotechnological industrial complex that has been leading the innovation market for the last 47 years; it has been considered the best Brazilian pharmaceutic company for 3 consecutive years. In regards to oncological patients, Cristália is also a pioneer: in 2019 started the operations of its oncological pharmaceutical industrial plant, thus becoming the initial private industrial Brazilian plant addressing the production of high-potency oncological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (AFI). Are you curious to get further information on Cristália? Its portfolio is available here!

Beyond just providing the deserved recognition with the Renata Thormann Procianoy Award, the Instituto Projeto Cura also intends to motivate the scientific community to proceed with their excellence-oriented investigations and renew their drive to help mankind and the future generations, since working with research in Brazil may be challenging and exhausting, due to the lack of incentives. Additionally, the intent is to disseminate, among science peers and the lay public itself, the innovative scientific actions designed to search life quality for oncological patients and more effective cancer treatments.

The award was launched by Instituto Projeto Cura in 2019, during the Best of ASCO, which winner was Dr. Thiago Bueno. The award homages the history of Renata Thormann Procianoy who dedicated two years of her life helping her mother, Nora Thormann, to find the correct diagnosis and treatment for a breast cancer. Nora was cured after joining a clinical research coordinated by Dr. Roberto Miranda at the MD Anderson Hospital of the Texas University, USA.

Themes to be addressed during the 2021 Best of ASCO include: Genitourinary; Skin Cancer and Sarcomas; Head and Neck / Neuro; Breast; Gynecology; Hematology; Gastrointestinal and Lung. Lecturers are renowned and innovative professionals working in the country, so we invite you all to join that moment of knowledge exchange and harmony!

Text by Letícia Barbosa.

Source: Cristália and Best of ASCO 2021 Annual Meeting – Edição Brasil

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