A campaign launched by Cura designed to support one 100% Brazilian research aims at optimizing breast cancer treatment

Brazilian researchers are raising funds to support a study that is about to confirm the best sequence of pre-surgery treatment for breast cancer, which will benefit women on a world-wide basis.

Instituto Projeto Cura has launched a collective-funding campaign named “Together we can be stronger than Cancer” (“Juntos podemos ser mais fortes que o Câncer”), which aims at raising funds to finance one year of data processing for the Neosamba study, one 100% Brazilian research addressing a new treatment sequence for HER2-negative type breast cancer, with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (before the breast surgery), reaching almost 500 women along three years.

The Neosamba research is heading to phase 3, under which the number of investigated patients is expanded during a larger period of time. However, resources are lacking to initiate that process, defined as “a confirmatory scientific study” by Dr. Jose Bines,

“That´s one 100% Brazilian research, 100% carried out at reference institutions delivering health services for patients of the Brazilian public health network – SUS. There is no connection with the pharmacological industry. All stages of design and execution of the study are carried out by the investigators themselves, and now with the Instituto Projeto Cura, which is helping us to raise funds to conclude the phase III”, explains Dr. Jose Bines.

Upon confirmation of findings at phase 3, in addition to expansion of access to new therapies, improved quality of life and increased probability of cure for patients, an extraordinary benefit will be immediately applied, since the drugs are already available at the Brazilian public health network, with no additional cost.

The collective-funding campaign Neosamba Phase 3 is an initiative of Instituto Projeto Cura, in partnership with LACOG (Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group) and GBECAM (Grupo Brasileiro Estudos Câncer Mama). Actress Patrícia Pillar joined the team, as a female ambassador of the campaign, acting as a volunteer spokesperson of the cause on the communication materials. Oncologists and Mastologists also participate as godmothers and godfathers of the campaign.

Further information and make your donation

To get additional details and to support the campaign, please access the Benfeitoria platform by clicking here. Donations may be done using credit card, bank slip or PIX

Donations may be done directly to Instituto Projeto Cura, as follows:

  • PIX to Instituto Projeto Cura:
    CNPJ: 33.188.607/0001-04

  • Deposit to Projeto Cura´s bank account:
    CNPJ: 33.188.607/0001-04
    Banco Santander (Código do Banco: 033)
    Agência: 0995
    Conta Corrente: 13.001.079-8

If you wish to donate using a different channel, or as a company (PJ), please get in touch through the e-mail [email protected]

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