Presentation of Cure Project in Gramado, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

The Cure Project was presented during the 11th Breast Cancer Congress, at the conference on Inertia and Denial: Participation of the Brazilian/Latin American civil society in the fight against cancer.


The congress was held in Gramado, city in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, while the presentation was delivered by the Fundraising Coordinator, Ms. Fernanda Schwyter.


Presentation on The Cure Project, Breast Cancer Congress in Gramado.


From left to right: Laura Voelcker –Project Manager, LACOG; Raira Maschmann –Data Manager and Monitor, LACOG; Dr. Carlos Barrios –Executive Director, LACOG; Fernanda Schwyter –Fundraising Coordinator, LACOG; Dra Ana Gelatti – Oncologist and Researcher, CPO; and Virgínia Webber – Clinical Research Manager, CPO.


Oncology Workshop delivered to journalists during the Breast Cancer Congress, Gramado 2016.