Cura mobilizes society against the VETO 59/2022


Instituto Projeto Cura has joined the fight to mobilize institutions of the civil and medical sectors against the #Veto59 on PRONON and PRONAS/PCD.


Instituto Projeto Cura has joined hundreds of institutions of the civil and medical sectors mobilized to achieve, before the Federal Government of Brazil, the return of Programs PRONAS/PCD (National Program for Support and Attention to Health of Disabled Individuals) and PRONON (National Program for Oncological Support and Attention).

Such programs have delivered important investments in scientific researches, training and access to innovative treatments that promoted advances in oncological attention and rehabilitation for thousands of Brazilian citizens.

This is the moment for everyone to convince the lawmakers, both at the Senate and at the Lower House, to defeat that veto on PL (Project of Law) 5.307/2020, authored by Senator Mara Gabrilli, which extends the 1% income tax deduction for donations, by private companies (based on their real profit), to projects approved via Public Invitation Letters issued by the Brazilian MOH (Ministry of Health) addressing the areas of Oncology and Physical Rehabilitation.

The medical science has been evolving very much along the last years, however such advances have only been made possible with financial resources, for which PRONONand PRONAS/PCD are essential tools. Such resources are directed to activities held by SUS (Brazilian Unified Health System) and in attention to the civil society through scientific research, purchase of medical equipment, training and additional actions, thus enabling those institutions to deliver care on an effective manner to oncological and disabled patients. The time has come for us to require political participation in favor of the population.

Please join and share this mobilization which has no affiliation to any political party!
Let´s fight for our right to count with an inclusive and high-quality medical care!

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