Cura promotes knowledge and debates access to Clinical Research during the 4 th edition of Cura Meetings

Considering that 704,000 new cases of cancer are expected per year in Brazil, the Cura Meetings event created by Instituto Projeto Cura reinforces the need to raise awareness among all sectors of the civil society regarding the benefits of clinical research

Cura Meetings 4th edition

The Instituto Projeto Cura holds the fourth edition of Cura Meetings, a meeting that aims to continue an important debate with representatives from different health sectors and as well as to outline strategies to expand patient access to research in Brazil. Addressing the theme “Expanding the access of population to Clinical Research” the event, online and free, has support of the Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group (LACOG) and the Instituto ÉTICA – Pesquisa e Ensino.

The 4 th Cura Meetings will take place on June 16, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, in São Paulo and will have a face-to-face format for guests and will also be transmitted online, in order to increase knowledge and dissemination of this very important topic. The public will be able to access the online transmission upon free registration in a form providedathrough a linkand fill out the form. The enrolled participants will then receive instructions on how to follow the event, wherever they are.

The Cura Meetings is already part of the yearly calendar of Instituto Projeto Cura, holding debates with multiple relevant actors involved in the scenario, such as the medical community, researchers, patient associations, the pharmaceutical industry, public authorities (Ministry of Health), medical community, representatives from clinical research centers and Regional Oncology Councils (CRO).

According to Fernanda Schwyter, President of Instituto Projeto Cura: “The Cura Meetings event is part of direct and indirect mobilizing actions to support the cause for which Instituto Projeto Cura works every day. The expected result is the engagement of the civil society in favor of funding clinical/academics studies
designed to promote the best treatment for patients, especially cancer patients.”

Counting with the attendance of approximately forty authorities, health professionals and members of the civil society, the 4 th Cura Meetings presents its preliminary agenda (subject to modifications). Check it out:


Cura Meetings speakers

2pm to 2:15pm – Opening
2:15 pm to 2:30 pm – 1st Conference: Health in Brazil and the World and the impact of
Clinical Research on the evolution of health systems
– Dr. Nelson Teich – Doctor
Oncologist and Master in Health Economics
2:30 pm to 2:45 pm – 2nd Conference: Pharmaceutical Industry: Brazil in
global context
– André Gomes – Head of Clinical Operation Bristol
2:45 pm to 3:00 pm – 3rd Conference: The challenges of academic clinical research in
– Dr Andreia Melo – Head of Clinical Research at INCA
3pm to 3:15pm – Break

CURA MEETINGS 4 7 - Projeto Cura

3:15 pm to 4:45 pm – Debate
– Confirmed debaters:

  • Mrs. Fernanda Schwyter – President of Instituto Projeto Cura
  • Mrs. Lais Bonilha – Coordinator of the National Research Ethics Commission –
  • Mr. Claudiosvam Martins Alves de Sousa – Clinical Research Coordinator at
    National Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA
  • Dr. Gustavo Werutsky – Chair Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group – Lacog
  • Mr. Fábio Fedozzi – Executive Director of ABRALE/TJCC
  • Dr. Roberto Jun Arai – Associate Director of Astrazeneca – R&D Department
  • Dr. Rodrigo Munhoz – Oncologist Hospital Sírio Libanês
  • Mr. Paulo Fernandes – Director-President of Abracro – Brazilian Association of
    Clinical Research Representative Organizations and CEO Sail for Health
  • Mr. Fernando Francisco – Executive Manager of Abracro – Brazilian Association of
    Clinical Research Representative Organizations
  • Dr. Analluza Bolivar Dellari – PhD and Master in Clinical Research Law
  • Dr. Heloisa Resende – Oncologist/Member of the Cura Scientific Committee
  • Dr. José Márcio Barros Figueiredo – Oncologist/Member of the Cura Scientific Committee
  • Dr. Marisa Madi – Executive Director of SBOC

4:45 pm to 5 pm – Final Considerations and Closing


About the Oncological Clinical Research

According to 2023 Estimates for cancer in Brazil, published by the National Cancer Institute (INCA) of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, it is expected that 704 thousand new cases of cancer will be diagnosed per year in Brazil along the 2023-2025 period.

Within such scenario the scientific research is not just necessary but also urgent, however surprisingly only 2.3% of the worldwide studies are carried out in Brazil, while the average time for approval of clinical studies in the country is 215 days – much higher than countries like Argentina (113 days), Mexico (86 days) and the United States (just 32 days). There are still barriers for the implementation
of research in Brazil, mainly regarding bureaucratic restrictions, multiple instances of government approval, unpredictability of the study approval schedule, restricted funding sources, lack of public interest and lack of actions to raise the awareness of cancer patients.

Therefore, before being commercially available for patients, several steps are required for registration of new drugs and improvement of protocols for diagnosis, tests and treatment of cancer. Such registration is only possible after confirmation of efficacy and safety of each drug or procedure. Such confirmation is achieved through research trials involving human beings – from basic research to clinical research.

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