The 17 th National Health Conference, promoted by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Council, held in Brasília from July 2 through July 5, discussed approximately 2 thousand proposals and guidelines that will subsidize the public health policies along the next four years.

The event gathered over 6 thousand representatives from the civil society, entities, social movements and organizations, being preceded by several preparatory phases including thousands of municipal conferences and 99 free-theme conferences, in addition to conferences carried out in all states and the Federal District. Along those phases 249 guidelines and 1214 proposals were approved and included on the National Consolidated Report for subsequent discussion by the working groups during the 17 th National Health Conference.

Such approved proposals and guidelines were discussed during the Deliberative Plenary held on July 5, which objective was to debate, approve or reject proposals listed on the Report as well as the national and international requests previously submitted. The result will be included on the Final Report, which will, on its turn, subsidize the elaboration of guidelines for the National Pluriannual Health Plan (2024-2027) and the State-Level and Federal District Health Plan (2024-2027), thus guiding the Unified Public Health System (SUS) along the next years.

Within such context, Instituto Projeto Cura held a Free National Conference on April 31, which proposals were included in the consolidated document under the theme “What you should know about research and cancer: challenges and opportunities”. Through the delegates elected at this conference, Luciana Papaleo Peixoto and Fernanda Schwyter, the Cura participated in the 17 th National Health Conference and was driven in its proposals by the following Guideline:

“Foment research to prevent and combat cancer in Brazil based on education and awareness-raising among the population, academics and health professionals, based on the importance of clinical research and engagement of government agencies in discussions addressing the need to approve more rapidly clinical studies and obtain incentives promoting and attracting studies at Brazilian institutions, providing relevant data in the field of public health and ensuring access to innovative treatments for cancer patients in public and private networks.”

The proposals presented by Cura were approved and will be officially published through the channels of the Ministry of Health; they fulfill the role of planting seeds for a stable environment for independent and academic oncological clinical research, eliminating or reducing the barriers raised and debated by Cura. Such proposals intend to positively impact the training of doctors and health professionals, fundraising, decentralization of research centers and motivation of the pharmaceutical industry to carry out more studies to Brazil.

According to Fernanda Schwyter, President of Instituto Projeto Cura and delegate at the 17 th National Health Conference:
“These were days of hard work, a lot of discussion and mobilization and lots of achievement as well. Life is much better when one has a purpose and it becomes more enriching when one engages the civil society towards that common purpose. We closed the 17 th National Health Conference with success and approval of proposals in Oncology. So, congratulations to all of us who managed to accomplish this stage in the fight against cancer, because research saves lives.”

Cura supports request submitted by TJCC

Also, during the 17 th National Health Conference the Instituto Projeto Cura supported the request submitted by the TJCC – Todos Juntos Contra o Câncer (All Together Against Cancer) addressing the need to update the models of care delivered to cancer patients within the Unified Public Health System (SUS). Such request counted with special support of TJCC member organizations: Abrale, Oncoguia, ACBG, FEMAMA, Cura and SBOC. Over 400 signatures were collected in support of that cause.

Source: text elaborated based on information provided by the National Health Council.

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