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Cure agrees a partnership with IBCC

May 12th , 2020 – The Cure Project Institute and the Brazilian Institute for Cancer Control (IBCC – Instituto Brasileiro do Controle de Câncer) signed a partnership for the development of actions designed to promote a better attention to cancer patients. The agreement among the organizations include the execution of activities directed to patients and the dissemination of the benefits of clinical researchers, which, in many cases, is the only chance of cure for patients.

According to the president of Cure, Fernanda Schwyter, “the partnership with IBCC bears extreme importance, considering the relevance of that institute for cancer treatment”. Fernanda explains that the objectives of the cooperation include the organization of workshops for patients, heir associations and the population in general, when the interested individuals will be able to obtain deeper clarifications regarding the neoplastic diseases and the surrounding aspects.

Additionally, the target audience of the project include resident physicians and professionals of the health area, who will receive information regarding the clinical researches in events organized by the Cure Project. According to Fernanda, “It is important that, from an early professional stage, resident physicians have contact with the universe of clinical research and can better guide their future patients on the subject”.

The initiative was only possible thanks to the collaboration of the Clinical director and medical coordinator of the IBCC Research Center, Dr. Lilian Arruda. The doctor participated in the campaign “The Cure of Cancer is in Our Hands”, carried out by the Cure Project to raise funds for the NeoSamba Research, leading that fund-raising effort. The clinical study will take place in 12 Brazilian centers, including the IBCC.

“We are very happy to be able to dedicate ourselves to a project in which we believe. We feel obliged to open space and encourage the exchange of reliable information for the population. We hope that together we can be a tool for disseminating knowledge about clinical research. We embrace Cure”, states the oncologist.

The Cure Project aims at creating a culture of philanthropy to raise and manage, with the best ethical standards, resources for the financing of cancer researches.

IBCC is a network of hospital services specialized in oncology and people with cancer for over 50 years in São Paulo. It is a private institution, a beneficiary of social assistance, pioneer in the fight against Breast Cancer in Brazil and with assistance to more than 15 oncological specialties. For 25 years, he has been the owner of the campaign “Breast cancer as a fashion target in Brazil”.