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Cure launches a campaign to finance 1,000 lab tests

31 August 2020 — Scientific researches are an important stage in the search for improved treatments and drugs for oncological patients. Bearing that rational in mind, the Cure Project is launching a new initiative to support science, the funding campaign “1,000 lab tests for cancer researches” to support several studies conducted by the Brazilian Group on Head & Neck Cancer (GBPC). 

The objective of such initiative is to collect funds to finance 1,000 lab tests designed to analyze blood and tumor samples in Brazilian researches that investigate cancer affecting head and neck. Additionally, the campaign also intends to draw attention to the importance of supporting scientific researches conducted in Brazil.

According to Dr. Aline Lauda, oncologist, researcher at the Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group (LACOG) and president of GBCP, treatments conducted in other countries are not necessarily adequate to Brazilian patients. For such reason, it is crucial to conduct studies that consider our reality in order to meet the specific characteristics of our population. Dr. Lauda adds that domestic researches also reduce the cost of treatments in the country. 

The funds collected by this campaign will be assigned to the Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group (LACOG), a partner of the Brazilian Group on Head & Neck Cancer (GBPC) in the development of studies designed to achieve more effective treatments and also improved quality of life for oncological patients.

About Head & Neck Cancer

This type of cancer is the third more prevalent among Brazilian men.  Such disease is quite debilitating, including devastating aesthetic effects on eyes, nose and lips. Due to the difficulties to swallow, approximately 60% of patients present some type of undernutrition at the moment they are diagnosed, since 80% of cases are diagnosed in advanced stages. Currently over 600 thousand new cases are diagnosed every year in the country.

Learn more and donate

To get further information and to support the campaign, individuals can click here to access the Benfeitoria website. Donations may be processed through credit card or bank slip. Companies interested in support the campaign can contact us through the email [email protected].

Make your donation and share this campaign with your relatives and friends! We need to build a culture of support to scientific researches in Brazil.