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Do you know why clinical researches are so important?

January 19th, 2021 – Researches are scientific studies, guided by methods, designed to deepen and discover new knowledge in all domains. For example, researches in the field of Humanities help us to understand civil society; in Exact Sciences they clarify the laws of Physics that rule our planet and enable the creation of new technological resources; in the area of Health, some studies are known as clinical researches.

Clinical researches, clinical trials or clinical studies are important studies carried out by different branches of Health, aiming at discovering new drugs, understanding critical details of diseases, establishing new treatments and providing quality of life for patients. Before its execution, every clinical research must be approved by an Ethics Committee on Clinical Research to ensure the safety and the wellbeing of patients who join the research.

Clinical researches enable the development of new drugs and medical treatments – ranging from simple to complex ones, thus saving the lives of thousands of patients. A great example of the importance of clinical researches is the progress of cancer treatment along the last 50 years. Such disease, which diagnosis was considered as a sentence of death and suffering, nowadays presents new perspectives and high probabilities of curing an increasing number of patients and, mainly, improving their quality of life. Therefore, such studies bear extreme importance for oncological patients, since many of them carry forms of disease for which the cure is not available yet.

Clinical researches save lives. Due to the different professionals who study and discover new drugs, diseases are combatted and the quality of life for patients undergoing treatment is largely improved. As a consequence, for those cancer patients who do not respond to conventional treatments the clinical researches represent a possibility of treatment and cure. Another benefit of clinical researches consists in providing access to innovative treatments for patients who cannot afford a private health care.

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Text by Letícia Barbosa