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Donate to the Instituto Projeto Cura using Pix

January 12th,2021 – Now you can also donate to the Instituto Projeto Cura on a safe and instantaneous way using Pix.

You only need to indicate the taxpayer number (CNPJ) of Instituto Projeto Cura as the key for bank transfers: 33.188.607/0001-04

Pix is the newest payment system launched in Brazil, allowing individuals and companies to make bank transfers using only the key of the recipient of the transfer; it is no longer required to provide information such as the number of bank account, full name, etc. The options for key are taxpayer number (CPF for individuals), telephone number, or a random key. Companies can use their taxpayer number (CNPJ) as their key, as we do here at Cura.

Such payment system allows transactions of any value 24 hours per day, every day (including holidays). The amount is credited to the recipient up to 10 seconds.

The system is already available at mobile banking and internet banking of most banks, with no charge for its utilization.

Make your donation to Cura now!