Here comes another Cura Meetings!

The second edition of meeting will take place on June 10, during the Best of ASCO 2022, in the city of São Paulo

The new edition ofCURA MEETINGS, organized by Instituto Projeto Cura, will deepen discussions and debate on a theme that gained importance along the last event held during the Best of San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, on past April 29. The proposal for the next Meetings is to debate “TheChallenges of public policies related to regulation and incentive to oncologic researches in Brazil”.

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The Cura Meetings will take place on a hybrid format, on June 10, from 2:00 pm thru 5:30 pm, at the Hotel Pullman Ibirapuera, in the city of São Paulo, during the Best of ASCO 2022 – an important event that will address the recent scientific advancements presented during the ASCO Annual Meeting 2022, the major worldwide oncologic event – and will be organized by LACOG and Ética.

It is widely known that research and innovation are fundamental requirements for the reduction of oncologic incidence, however the need for conjunct efforts towards the promotion of public permanent actions is globally recognized as well. Counting with the participation of renowned investigator doctors, leaders of NGOs, statements of patients and companies involved with incentive to oncologic researches, the Cura Meetings emerged from the need to expand knowledge and engagement among different sectors of the civil society to reduce the incidence of Cancer in Brazil.

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Here is the agenda for CURA MEETINGS:

June 10 – 2 pm thru 5:30 pm

  • General Coordination: Fernanda Schwyter – President of Instituto Projeto Cura
  • Debate moderators: Dr. Ricardo Caponero and Dr. Rafael Laurindo

*News from ASCO 2022 – Distance from the scientific knowledge to what is actually offered to the population. Speaker: Dr. Carlos Barrios (oncologist);

*The importance of PRONON for research funding. Speaker: Dr. Paulo Hoff (oncologist);

*Legal status of clinical research in Brazil – PL 7082/2017.Speaker: Dr. Fábio Franke (oncologist);

*Apresentações de casos de sucesso financiados por programas de incentivo. Palestrantes: Fábio Fedozzi da ABRALE e do Instituto Projeto CURA

*Debate with leaders of NGOs, Policy-Makers and Public Agents

*Launching – Mobilization Campaign


About the CURA

Instituto Projeto Cura is a non-for-profit institution, with headquarters in Brazil and the sole institution in Latin America which objectives comprise efforts to raise the public awareness about the importance of Cancer researches and funding of scientific studies in the area of Oncology.

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