How important is the ASCO Annual Meeting?

From June 1st through June 5th, 2018 the American Society of Clinical Oncology will hold its annual congress. Such yearly congress (ASCO Annual Meeting) is always carried out in June, in Chicago, United States. It is considered as the largest worldwide congress on Clinical Oncology, gathering over 30,000 physicians and health professionals from all over the world. Results of the most important studies addressing cancer are presented during this event, many of them with positive impact on the clinical practice.

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What participation will LACOG have at ASCO 2018?
LACOG will present 3 abstracts during this important event.

Two abstracts refer to the EVITA study – an epidemiological study addressing cervix cancer in Brazil. Such study is still in progress (publications include the initial findings of the researches). This study was developed by LACOG in partnership with EVA (Brazilian Group on Gynecological Tumor).

The third abstract refers to a study developed by GBOT (Brazilian Group on Thoracic Oncology), with support provided by LACOG for planning, analysis and elaboration of report.

What types of research were carried out?
EVITA is an observational study encompassing collection of data from patients at their corresponding institutions. The study continues with the follow-up of patients to assess treatment, quality of life and survival over time. The GBOT study consisted of collection of results on pathology lab reports to evaluate the prevalence of PD-L1 marker in lung tumors. This study is complete and we are working on its publication.

Were those studies conducted by physicians who are members of LACOG?The EVITA study counted with several LACOG researchers in their corresponding hospitals and clinics in all Brazilian regions. All physicians participating in the study are LACOG members. All activities related to supervision, conduction of study, data analysis and publication were carried out at the LACOG Office in Porto Alegre. The study addressing PD-L1 in lung cancer was conducted by a team of GBOT/LACOG oncologic researchers and pathologists working at reference pathological labs in Brazil. The data bank and the statistical analysis were carried out at LACOG office, which counts with staff specialized in clinical trial.

How important are these studies?
The study addressing cervix cancer (EVITA) is the largest study ever carried out in Brazil about such disease. Its objectives are as follows: characterize the population affected by the disease (age, age group, income, personal and family history, treatments undertaken), assess the tracking made with the Pap smear test (how many women took the test, the reason(s) for not taking such test) and study the quality of life of such patients, before and after the treatment, using criteria established by EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer).

These 3 abstracts are available at LACOG website. They are the most recent ones, dated 2018. Link: