How important is the Best of ASCO? When will it take place?

The Best of ASCO will take place on June 15-16 in the city of São Paulo.

This is an official event of ASCO in partnership with LACOG, which purpose is to share, in Brazil, the main studies of the American congress with oncologists who could not attend the event in the US. The Best of ASCO encompasses the overall results and presentations (slides) of each study presented in the US, while the invited professionals (both Brazilian and foreign ones) address the results, followed by a discussion of the studies. The Best of ASCO aims at disseminating the latest Oncology researches to all Brazilian professionals. As a consequence, the population is indirectly benefited since more updated and trained oncologists can provide better treatments and therefore improve the outcomes of cancer treatment in Brazil.

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Registrations for Oncology professionals are FREE!

The agenda is available at in this link.