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How to donate to clinical researches

July 10th, 2020 – In order to facilitate the repeated donations, the Instituto Projeto Cura counts with a tool (PayPal) that can be used by donors in Brazil and also abroad. Such tool enables donors to automatically schedule their monthly donations.

Fundraising is one of the activities carried out by Cura, which intent is to contribute for the execution of clinical researches addressing the search of innovative treatments to combat cancer. The project also works to raise awareness about the importance of clinical studies and the development of a philanthropic culture in Latin America.

According to data published by the Instituto Nacional de Câncer – INCA (the Brazilian National Cancer Institute), along the 2020-2022 period, Brazil will record 625 thousand new cases of cancer at every year. The more prevalent types of cancer will be breast and prostate (66 thousand each), colon and rectum (41 thousand), lung (30 thousand) and stomach (21 thousand), with emphasis to non-melanoma skin cancer (177 thousand new cases).

The head and neck cancer type, which will be soon addressed by the Cura, records 1.3 million new cases in the world per year. In Brazil, it is the third more frequent tumor among men (mouth and larynx) and the fifth among women (thyroid).

In such scenario, every cent donated is crucial for the research of new treatments. According to the president of Cura, Fernanda Schwyter, “in Brazil, we still have a long road before we achieve international standards in the development of clinical researches”.

Fernanda explains that the participation in a clinical research may be the only survival chance for many patients who are not cured by the existing treatments.

Funds raised by Cura, through donations, have already supported the onset of a clinical research addressing breast and prostate, coordinated by LACOG – Grupo Latino-americano de Oncologia (the Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group).

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