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More than 200 registered for the 1st Brazilian Workshop on the “Benefits of Clinical Researches to Combat Cancer”

9 October 2020 – Promoted by The Cure Project Institute, the workshop “Benefits of Scientific Researches to Combat Cancer gathered physicians, oncologic patients, leaders of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and additional interested individuals in a virtual and historical event designed to exchange knowledge. Based on a pedagogical concept, such workshop was the pioneer in Latin America addressing that theme, enabling discussions with the audience about the importance of scientific researches for over 6 hours, with over 200 participants. The initiative, held on October 7 and 8, provided free registration for participants and was sponsored by Roche.

Using a didactic approach, the workshop offered 8 lectures delivered, on the first day, by:

  • Dr. Andreia Melo (INCA)
  • Dr. Carlos Barrios (LACOG)
  • Dr. Lilian Arruda (IBCC)
  • Dr. Juliana Mauri (IBCC)

On the second day, the lecturers were as follows:

  • Dr. Fabio Franke (Aliança Pesquisa Clínica)
  • Dr. Heloisa Resende (Hospital HINJA)
  • Dr. José Márcio Barros de Figueiredo (IQVIA)
  • Dr. Paulo Fernandes (IQVIA)

Renowned professionals were also available at the event to clarify doubts of participants. Discussions were also held in small groups, thus ensuring direct access of participants to the following Medical Coordinators and Investigators: – Dr. Wiliam William (Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa)

  • Dr. Fernando Moura (ICESP)
  • Dr. Graziela Del Molim (Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa)
  • Dr. Gustavo Werutsky (LACOG)
  • Dr. Renata Cangussú (Oncologia D’Or)
  • Dr. Ricardo Caponero (Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz)
  • Dr. Samira Mascarenhas (Oncologia D’Or)

During the discussions we counted with the support of the following facilitators from Cura: Lisiane Mota, Marie Caponero, Alcina Mara Rodrigues and Fernanda Schwyter.

The organization of the workshop was possible due to the availability of lecturers and medical coordinators who brightened up our event, as well as the support provided by the following institutions:

  • Américas Amigas
  • Clínica AMO
  • Gerando Falcões
  • IBCC
  • Instituto Mais Identidade
  • Mão na Mama
  • Mulheres na Oncologia
  • Oncoguia
  • Projeto Repartir
  • TJCC,
  • Vidas Raras
  • Vencer o Câncer

We are also thankful to the over 20 support professionals who made this event possible.