Oncologists study the prevalence of coronavirus among cancer patients

April 16th, 2020 – On April 8th, the Brazilian Society on Clinical Oncology (SBOC) published and celebrated the rapid approval – by the National Commission on Ethics in Clinical Researches (CONEP) integrating the Ministry of Health – of a project designed to assess the prevalence of Covid-19 infection among cancer patients with ages over 18 who are currently undergoing a treatment or a post-treatment monitoring.

The objective of such initiative, named ONCOVID 19.1 – National Consortium on COVID-19 in Cancer Patients, is to collect data from medical records of patients from all Brazilian regions who have been diagnosed with coronavirus, both in the public and the private health sectors, aiming at subsidizing strategies, protocols and policies to combat that disease and to provide care to oncological patients.

The platform research, to be fed with data entered by all clinical oncologists affiliated to SBOC using an online questionnaire, is currently being developed. It is expected that the access link to that platform will be available up to early May.


CONEP is the entity responsible for analyzing and issuing reports addressing clinical researches in Brazil, being directly linked to the National Health Council (CNS). Every protocol of clinical research is submitted to CONEP.

Due to the pandemics, the proposals of clinical researches have been analyzed on an urgent basis, as per the Resolution 580/2018. Up to April 10th, that commission had issued 64 protocols for clinical researches addressing the new coronavirus. Source: SBOC and CONEP.