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Renowned speakers participate in an event directed to patients

The Instituto Projeto Cura gathers specialists to dialogue with patients and NGOs

A Patient Forum – Breast Edition named “An Inside View of Cancer” will be held on October 6th, 2021. Directed to patients, family members and leaders of patient associations and NGOs, that event will be an opportunity for the public audience to clarify doubts about breast cancer. Additionally, the event will present debates and classes delivered by specialists who will address advancements of treatments and news in clinical researches,

Check here the professionals and the themes o!

Breast Cancer

•       Early Diagnosis versus Impact of Covid 19 Pandemics – Dr. Heloisa Resende

•       Metastatic Breast Cancer: epidemiology and non-met needs – Dr. Sérgio Simon

•       New Treatments: the ADCs era? – Dr. Max Mano

•       Fertility and Breast Cancer – Dr. Ricardo Caponero

•       Q&A Session, facilitated by bloggers of “Papo de Câncer (Talking About Cancer)”, Paula Dultra and Carolina Magalhães, with the participation of doctors.

Clinical Research in Brazil

•      Overview of LACOG Studies – Dr. Gustavo Werutsky

•      Amazona Study – Dr. Daniela Rosa

•       DEBATE: What is the importance of social-demographic data in the design/guidance of health Public Policies? Patient Rights / Research Funding / Benefits of clinical researches carried out in Brazil?

Dr. Carlos Barrios; Dr. Daniela Rosa; Dr. José Bines; Dr. Maira Caleffi – FEMAMA; Luciana Holtz – Oncoguia; and Fernanda Schwyter – Cura.

 Such nation-wide event, 100% free and online, is promoted by Instituto Projeto Cura. Do not miss such opportunity! Register now!


Fórum de Pacientes “Por dentro do câncer” – Edição MAMA
Online event with free registration
October 6th, 2021, from 3 p.m. thru 6:30 p.m.
Registration link: http://www.forumcura.com.br