There is a large gap between the emergence of new effecfive treatment opfions in oncology and its incorporafion into the SUS. This makes our populafion not benefit from advances in medicine in the same proporfion as other countries that invest more in the treatment of cancer.

What is Metastafic Breast Cancer?
Metastafic breast cancer is an advanced stage of breast cancer, in which the disease has spread to other organs. Although sfill incurable, the intense research acfivity on this subject has made great strides in this area, turning it into a chronic disease (such as diabetes, for example, that is controlled with medicines).

How is the treatment of HER2-posifive metastafic breast cancer?
There are several types of breast cancer. Approximately 20{46cf1a6c7461ff493d31bdca70d45967bd1ce7048f85e123712b94daa5b61391} of the disease types are classified as HER2-posifive. These tumors present a more aggressive clinical behavior, but in the last 2 decades great advances have been made. For example, according to stafisfics, only with tradifional chemotherapy the median survival of women is 20 months (1 year and 8 months). With the chemotherapy associated with the drug TRASTUZUMABE, a specific anfibody against the HER2 protein, this survival increases to 40 months (3.3 years). When treated with chemotherapy + TRASTUZUMABE + PERTUZUMABE (another anfibody that also acts on the HER2 protein), the pafient’s life expectancy is 56 months (4.7 years).

Do all HER2-posifive breast cancer pafients have access to these drugs?
No! Although there is scienfific evidence of the benefit of trastuzumab in advanced breast cancer since 2001, it has not yet been incorporated into SUS.

How to solve this?
CONITEC, the Nafional Commission for the Incorporafion of Technologies in SUS, is the body responsible for determining which treatments are provided by the Unified Health System. At this fime, there is a public consultafion on the incorporafion of TRASTUZUMABE and the TRASTUZUMABE + PERTUZUMABE “combo” for the treatment of HER2 posifive breast cancer in the metastafic sefing.

Aher reading the technical report on the drug / technology, cifizens can make their suggesfions and comments on the technology evaluated, as well as on the inifial recommendafion made by CONITEC. These contribufions should be included in the electronic form available on the portal.

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