The 4 th Edition of Cura Meetings affirms the need to outline strategies to facilitate the access of population to Clinical Research

Import names of the health sector gathered at the event, which discussed the theme and proposed the expansion of access of population to Clinical Research and reinforced the urgent need to unite efforts towards facilitating the dissemination of information to oncological patients.

Instituto Projeto Cura successfully carried out the 4 th Edition of Cura Meetings on June 16, in São Paulo. The theme of such hybrid event was “Expanding the access of population to Clinical Research, gathering representatives from different health sectors.

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The main objective of the 4 th Edition of Cura Meetings was to foment a productive discussion on the access of patients to clinical research in Brazil, searching ways to expand the dissemination of related information and to debottleneck the execution of research in the country. The event offered a space for participants to share their evidences and suggestions to reduce such difficulties imposed to the process itself and to the access to research.

The event counted with the participation of highly qualified speakers, including Dr. Nelson Teich, Oncologist and Master in Health Economics; Dr. André Gomes, Head of Clinical Operation at Bristol Myers Squibb and Dr. Andreia Melo, Head of Clinical Research at INCA – the Brazilian National Cancer Institute. Every speaker brought valuable perspectives for the scenario.

During the event, the speakers addressed fundamental aspects such as the barriers that impair the access of population to clinical research, the importance of promoting inclusive studies in addition to strategies to involve and engage physicians and patients. In addition to addressing important data on the research-related scenario in Brazil, the talks also included questions on how to overcome the related existing challenges.

According to Dr. Nelson Teich, who addressed the impact of clinical research on the progress of the health systems:

“Research must be part of a national policy, mainly the public policies and, from my perspective, research is a source of information. Information is essential for one to understand the system, obtain diagnoses, define priorities, define actions, and make choices. Research goes much beyond bringing an innovation.”

A roundtable with renowned names of the health sector gave the 4 th Edition of Cura Meetings a valuable opportunity for the exchange of knowledge. That discussion addressed themes such as the public policies, government incentives and the importance of collaboration among the sectors to strengthen the access to clinical research.

CURA MEETINGS 4 - Projeto Cura

Such importante names included the Coordenadora da Comissão Nacional de Ética em Pesquisa – CONEP, Lais Bonilha e o Coordenador de Pesquisa Clínica da Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária – ANVISA, Claudiosvam Martins Alves de Sousa participated in the debate at the 4th Cura Meetings, which also brought representatives from institutions such as Chair da Latin American Cooperative Oncology – LACOG, Dr Gustavo Werutsky, o Diretor-Presidente e Gerente Executivo da Associação Brasileira de Organizações Representativas de Pesquisa Clínica – ABRACRO, Paulo Fernandes e Fernando Francisco e a Diretora Executiva da Sociedade Brasileira de Oncologia Clínica – SBOC.

The Pharmaceutical area was represented by the Diretor Associado da Astrazeneca – Departamento de R&B, Dr. Roberto Jun Arai e ONGs, through by the Diretor Executivo da ABRALE/TJCC, Fábio Fedozzi.

The medical evidences of the debate held at the 4 th Edition of Cura Meetings were presented by Oncologistas e Membros do Comitê Científico do Cura, Dra. Heloisa Resende e Dr. José Márcio Figueiredo e do Oncologista do Hospital Sírio Libanês, Dr. Rodrigo Munhoz. To complete roundtable the Instituto Projeto Cura counted with the, a Mestre e Doutora em Direito Internacional – Advogada e Pesquisadora, Dra. Analluza Bolivar Dellari.

At the closure of the 4 th Edition of Cura Meetings, participants agreed that is it essential to create a favorable environment to expand the access of patients to clinical research. For such purpose, it is necessary to promote public policies encouraging the participation, increase the awareness regarding its importance and establish solid partnerships among the different health sectors.

The event is incorporated into the calendar of Instituto Projeto Cura as an important moment for Clinical Research, thus becoming increasingly inspiring and enriching at every edition, reinforcing the commitment of the institution in playing a fundamental role to support information, education and to reduce the additional barriers that pose difficulties for the access of population to clinical research, such as: regulatory aspects, incentives and capacitation of physicians and other health professionals, infrastructure and decentralization of Research Centers, investment in pharmaceutical laboratories and resources to finance independent research.

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The 4 th Edition of Cura Meetings, supported by Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group (LACOG), Instituto ÉTICA – Pesquisa e Ensino e PRIO, counted with the physical presence of 40 individuals, including participants and invitees, and online attendance of approximately 60 individuals, with over 400 visualizations of the video on YouTube to this date. With the purpose of expanding knowledge on the theme, the video of the 4 th Edition of Cura Meetings is available at the YouTube channel of Instituto Projeto Cura. Click on the link below to watch it.

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