The 4 th Edition of The Renata Thormann Procianoy Award, an initiative of Instituto Projeto Cura, was awarded to a study addressing renal cancer.

the researcher and nephrologist at Cancer Institute, Dr. Verônica Torres, received the award at the Best of ASCO 2022 event.

On the same occasion of the Best of ASCO 2022 – Brazil Edition, the winner of the fourth edition of the Renata Thormann Procianoy Award was announced. The winner was the reseacher and nephrologist at ICESP – Cancer Institute of the State of São Paulo, Dr. Verônica Torres Costa e Silva, principal investigator of a study addressing aspects related to care delivery to patients bearing renal cancer.

The Dr. Verônica Torres, who could not attend the event due to a health condition, was represented by the oncologist Prof. Dr. Gilberto Castro, physician and leader of the Head, Neck & Thorax cancer group at the Oncologic Clinic at ICESP, one of the co-investigators of the winning study. The award was delivered to him by a study patient, Iramara Fluminhan, and the President of the Instituto Projeto Cura, Fernanda Schwyter.

Premio Renata Thormann Procianoy Cura 1 - Projeto Cura
Dr. Carlos Barrios, Iramara Fluminham, Dr. Gilberto Castro Jr and Fernanda Schwyter.
Premio Renata Thormann Procianoy Cura 2 - Projeto Cura
Dr. Carlos Barrios, Iramara Fluminham, Dr. Gilberto Castro Jr, Fernanda Schwyter and Dra Verônica Torres (screen).

About the study

Such prospective study assesses the performance of the 2021CKD-EPI equation with no racial coefficient among adults bearing solid tumors. Dr. Verônica Torres, the principal investigator, summarizes it as “a study addressing aspects related to care delivery to patients bearing renal cancer”; the study was se do melhor pôster brasileiro apresentado durante o ASCO 2022. Additional investigators include Dr. Maria Del Pilar Estevez Diz and other researchers at ICESP.

The findings of the study demonstrate that the coefficient associated to race shall be removed from equations applied to assess the estimated rate of glomerular filtration, which represents an advancement and shall be incorporated into cancer treatment, conclude the investigators.

With the purpose of contributing to an increased understanding of the study, with an explanatory approach to the general public, the Instituto Projeto Cura held a live session on June 21 at the Instagram of Cura, with the participation of the winner of the award and principal investigator, Dr. Veronica Torres, with Dr. Gilberto Castro, co-investigator. The live session also counted with the important presence of Dr. Luis Fernando Correia, physician and ambassador of CURA. Check the video of such session here!!

About the Award

Conceived by the Instituto Projeto Cura, the Renata Thormann Procianoy was launched in 2019, with the objective of raising the awareness of the civil society about the benefits of the researches, appraising and encouraging the researching physicians. The winners of previous editions were Dr. Thiago Bueno, Dr. Fernando Maluf and Dr. Luciana Landeiro.

Such award reflects a “history of love & pain”, as usually reinforces the President of Instituto Projeto Cura, Fernanda Schwyter, while describing this significative trophy for Instituto Cura. The award homages the history of the young lady Renata Thormann Procianoy, who dedicated two years of her life helping her mother, Nora Thormann, to find the proper diagnosis and treatment for a rare type of breast cancer. Thanks to that support, Nora was recruited by a clinical trial, was treated and recovered.

Unfortunately, Renata passed away some time later, victimized by car accident. Her mother then decided to inscribe the name of her daughter in the fight against cancer by supporting clinical research – the major objective of Instituto Projeto Cura, an institution that strives on a daily basis in favor of financing scientific studies and researches addressing cancer treatment and cure.

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