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The Cure Project Institute collects over R$ 180 thousand to support cancer researches in Brazil

November 10th, 2020 – A collective financing action supported by oncologists from all over Brazil, who mobilized over 300 donors.

From July thru September, such collective financing campaign collected R$ 184 thousand to be invested in scientific researches to combat head & neck cancer.“1,000 lab tests for researches against cancer” was the slogan of such campaign carried out in partnership with the Brazilian Group on Head & Neck Cancer -GBCP and the Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group -LACOG; it counted with a strong digital participation and support by doctors, celebrities, digital influencers and patients, exceeding the expectations.

With the objective of collecting funds to pay for the basic costs for collection and storage of one thousand lab tests in blood samples and biopsies of patients, the action exceeded the projected target by 143%, collecting an amount equivalent to the basic costs of 1,430 lab tests.

Such result was only made possible thanks to the dedication of doctors and researchers at GBPC, who, using an innovative strategy, mobilized 335 donors for the cause. Despite the difficulties posed by the Covid-19, the donation webpage recorded over 7,000 digital accesses. In addition to collecting funds, the initiative raised awareness about the importance of supporting scientific researches in Brazil

According to Dr. Aline Lauda, oncologist, researcher at LACOG and president of GBCP, “treatments conducted in other countries are not necessarily adequate to Brazilian patients. For such reason, it is crucial to conduct studies considering our reality so that we can meet the specific characteristics of our population”. According to the researcher, domestic researches also help to reduce the cost of treatments in the country. 

Head & Neck cancer is the third more prevalent among Brazilian men.  Such disease is quite debilitating; it causes devastating aesthetic effects on eyes, nose and lips. Due to difficulties to swallow, approximately 60% of patients present some type of undernutrition at the moment they are diagnosed, since 80% of cases are diagnosed in advanced stages. The Cure Project Institute, a non-for-profit organization with headquarters in Brazil, is the only organization in Latin America dedicated to planning and executing actions to raise awareness and to collect funds to support researches to combat cancer. According to Fernanda Schwyter, president of the Institute, “initiatives like that are essential to foster a philanthropic culture in Brazil. As far as we know, that has been the largest fund-raising campaign carried out in Brazil to support scientific researches. And that was just the beginning”.