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The Cure Project Institute promotes the 1st Brazilian Workshop on the Benefits of Researches to Combat Cancer

September 21st, 2020 – On October 7th and 8th, 2020, the Cure Project Institute will promote the 1st Brazilian Workshop on the Benefits of Researches to Combat Cancer. Designed for leaders of NGOs, groups delivering support to patients and associations of patients, the objective of that event is to deliver informative contents and to capacitate attendees regarding the importance of benefits derived from oncological researches in the fight against cancer.

The pandemics caused by the new coronavirus has shed light on the importance of scientific researches to combat pandemic diseases. If we consider the cancer-related statistics, we may conclude that our planet faces a cancer epidemy. Studies reveal that 1.7 million cases will be diagnosed in the coming years and over 1 million deaths will be recorded on a yearly basis, exceeding the cardiovascular diseases as the major cause of death among the population.

The main barriers for the development of clinical researches in Latin America include the lack of public recognition about their importance, legal and regulatory obstacles in some countries, and most critically, the lack of funds to support the scientific investigations.

The Cure Project Institute is the only institution in Latin America focusing the awareness raising and collection of funds to finance researches in the region.

“Our intent is to raise awareness among the population regarding the benefits, demystify prejudices and raise funds for the scientific researches. Science and History have shown that researches save lives and generate knowledge about new techniques and treatments. For a countless number of individuals that is the only possibility of cure.

The workshop is intended to share knowledge, mobilize institutions and engage individuals in the cause”, explains Fernanda Schwyter, president of Cure. The workshop will be sponsored by Roche; its agenda will include lectures delivered by renowned specialists and doctors, such as doctors Carlos Barrios, Fábio Franke, Heloisa Resende, Andreia Melo, Liliam Arruda, Jose Marcio de Figueiredo Ferraz, Fernando Maluf, Paulo Fernandes and Juliana Mauri. Over six hours of content will be delivered along two days, including debates and discussions regarding the theme. A sole opportunity for an enriching exchange of information and knowledge.

Service: 1st Brazilian Workshop on the Benefits of Researches to Combat Cancer. Online event with free registrations. October 7th and 8th, starting at 3 pm. Link for registration: https://forms.gle/W8sK4QW8f9iCEwh69