The Cure Project is mentioned by the prestigious BIG Research

April 25th, 2020 – The Cure Project was highlighted in the prestigious BIG Research in Focus magazine (Issue 12 March 2020, page 32), published by the Breast International Group, an organization dedicated to researches addressing breast cancer.

revista BIG 2 - Projeto Cura

The publication informed about the participation of The Cure Project in the event Ready for Christmas, carried out on December 13th, in Miami, as part of the Journey Through Brazilian Experience, a cultural activity promoted by the Brazilian General Consulate in Miami, aiming at fundraising to support the fight against cancer. At that opportunity, there was a musical performance by the Venezuelan singer and composer Marger, accompanied by the Puerto Rican pianist and maestro Jose Negroni and his jazz band, which has been nominated three times for the Latin Grammy.

Read the full article on page 32 of that issue of Breast International Group magazine.

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