The Cure Project promotes a free event addressing breast cancer for patients

March 6th, 2020 – The Cure Project will promote, on the next 26th  the “1st Meeting of Patients – Understanding Cancer – Edition for Patients”. The objective of such event, which registration is free, is to present to breast cancer patients, their friends and family members, the main advancements in diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, using simple and didactic presentations.

Renowned oncologists will deliver talks addressing several aspects of such neoplasia. Themes will include fertility and pregnancy among cancer patients, genetic mutations, immunotherapy and innovative therapies.

Additional highlights to be addressed at the conference will include the importance of clinical oncological researches, the role played by the institutions to inform the population about the disease and their initiatives to improve the access of patients to therapies in the country.

Here is the agenda:

2:00 pm – Opening – Dr. GUSTAVO WERUTSKY

2:05 pm – Fertility and pregnancy among breast cancer patients during the treatment and aftwards – Dr. RICARDO CAPONERO

2:30 pm – Genetic mutations associated with breast cancer and ovary cancer: diagnosis and impact over treatment

2:55 pm – Progress of treatment and survival among patients bearing metastatic breast cancer – Dr. DANIELA DORNELLES ROSA

3:45 pm – Immunotherapy treatment for breast cancer: What is it? For which patients it is intended to? – Dr. GUSTAVO WERUTSKY

4:10 pm – Coffee break

4:30 pm – The role of oncological research groups – AMAZONA Project – Dr. SERGIO DANIEL SIMON

4:50 pm – Engagement of the civil society in the fight against cancer:  The Cure Project – FERNANDA SCHWYTER

5:10 pm – Access to innovative treatments: the role of civil associations in the access of patients to innovative treatments – Dr. MAIRA CALEFFI

5:30 pm – Multiplying the information – MARLENE OLIVEIRA

5:50 pm – Questions and Closure – Dra. DANIELA DORNELLES ROSA The event will be held at Hotel Intercontinental located on Alameda Santos, nº 1123, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, state of São Paulo, from 2:00 pm thru 5:50 pm.  The quantity of attendees is limited.