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The Instituto do Câncer Brasil (ICB) is the newest monthly donor of the Projeto Cura

February 18th, 2021 – The Instituto Câncer Brasil (ICB) has agreed a partnership with the Instituto Projeto Cura and is now part of our team of monthly donors. The ICB is established on pillars of patient care, education and research aligned with quality, capillarity and social responsibility. Since 2012, ICB has been making robust efforts to democratize the access of patients living in inner cities/villages of Brazil to quality oncological treatments.

ICB has been a partner in the dissemination of activities launched by the Instituto Projeto Cura for a long time. Their field of work include creation and management of clinical, surgical and radiotherapy structures for treatment of cancer patients at hospitals, private clinics, and in partnership with the Brazilian Public Health Network (SUS), in several municipalities of Brazil

In addition to working with some common objectives, the executive director of the Instituto Câncer Brasil, Dr. José Márcio, affirms that the collaboration with Cura was driven by his admiration for the project. “The point that most enchants us at Cura is their DNA. The institution has important objectives and is fearless before the difficulties and challenges. Since its foundation, its intent consists in mobilizing the civil society and raise awareness about clinical research, in addition to raising funds to support such intent. That intent itself is just fantastic and is closely aligned with our spirit of innovation and resilience”.

Moreover, the ICB director reveals that his first impression about the Cura Project was quite positive. “Some years ago, while attending an event organized by LACOG, we learned about the embryo of Projeto Cura, during a presentation delivered by their president Fernanda Schwyter – with that special brightness in her eyes; at that moment we became certain that we should support the initiative, both for its alignment with the mission, vision and values of our institution, as well as for the quality and credibility of the people involved”, recalls Dr. José Márcio.

Now, we celebrate a new step in the partnership between the Instituto Câncer Brasil and the Projeto Cura; ICB becames one of their monthly donors. In regards to such initiative, the president of Projeto Cura, Fernanda Schwyter, comments that “the partnership with ICB will enable an increment of our campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits of clinical research in the fight against cancer, as well as their funding. Such partnership will also collaborate for the creation of a stronger and engaged team so that we can disseminate even more the philanthropic message of Cura and the importance of scientific researches in the region.”

The Institute Projeto Cura is the only institution in Latin America dedicated to plan and execute actions to augment the awareness and to raise funds to support several researches addressing the fight against cancer – a disease that kills many victims around the world. Therefore, the collaboration of individuals and companies with the philanthropic culture is essential for the scientists to continue their work and, through the researches, find treatments and cures for the different types of cancer.

Additionally, Dr. José Márcio reinforces the importance of donation and advocates that “serious and non-for-profit institutions, bearing a huge social responsibility, such as the Institute Projeto Cura, shall be always supported. Especially when those institutions envision the improvement of our civil society as a whole.” The Director makes an invitation: “Everyone, came along with us! We are sure that initiatives such as the Instituto Projeto Cura will contribute for an environment of engagement among individuals, companies and public managers to join this important fight”.

Let´s replicate the initiative of the Instituto Câncer Brasil! Become a monthly donor to the Projeto Cura. The donation link is here!

Text by Letícia Barbosa