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Magia Rosa show revenue will be donated to the Cure Project

On October 10th, Salvador gathered together to combat breast cancer and to support the clinical research.

The show Magia Rosa counted with the performance of musician Luiz Caldas, was organized by the Projeto Repartir and sponsored by Clínica AMO and Imagepat. The initiative brought the local public to the Castro Alves Theater to dance; the revenue will be totally donated to the Cure Project.

That was a great moment, full of energy, friends and people engaged and eager to learn more on how to combat cancer.

Among the emotive moments, we had the presence of the MMA Champion Junior Cigano, who officially received his diploma of Cure Ambassador at the stage of the Castro Alves Theater.

We are deeply grateful to all attendees, to the Projeto Repartir and to all sponsors for their support and great encouragement to the clinical research through such donation to the Cure Project.