Such initiative is an additional front of information on benefits generated by the clinical trials and their positive impacts for the main beneficiary: the oncological patient.

The medical sciences advance thru the clinical trials. Such studies are essential for a deeper understanding of diseases and for the creation of new drugs, vaccines, treatments and tests. COVID-19 has caught the attention of the world-wide population regarding the benefits of researches to save millions of lives when an international effort was carried out within a record-breaking short time – led by health professionals and researches – resulting in solutions for the pandemics.

Alike the COVID-19, the cure of cancer is being researched, however it is necessary to overcome many challenges, especially in Brazil, including: financing, awareness-raising, regulatory and incentive to scientific production.

While considering such challenges the Instituto Projeto Cura conceived a campaign named “Movement #ResearchesSaveLives”. The objective is to generate engagement of all sectors of the civil society towards the advocacy of researches designed to find a cure for cancer, ranging from regulation throughout the execution of clinical trials. The initiative will also address education of the civil society by clarifying about the benefits of clinical trials and their positive impacts over the main beneficiary: the oncologic patient.

The campaign was launched at the 2022 Pink October, during the Cura Meeting event. No closure date has been defined for such campaign since it is expected that it become stronger with the engagement and support from different entities, groups and NGOs working with initiatives addressing the fight against cancer.

The video used to kick-off the Movement “Researches Save Lives” includes the statement of Ms. Iramara Fluminhan, an oncological patient diagnosed with a metastatic breast cancer 8 years ago who survived thanks to a clinical trial. Watch the inspiring case of Iramara by clicking on the following link:

About Instituto Projeto Cura

Founded in 2016, the Instituto Projeto Cura is a non-for-profit organization, with headquarters in Brazil and the sole Latin- American organization which objectives include financing academic researches in the oncological area. To get further information about Cura, click here

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