#GreenJuly: the Month for Awareness-Raising on Head & Neck Cancer

Instituto Projeto Cura is engaged with the Green July movement and brings information on those types of cancer.

We are in #GreenJuly, the Month for Awareness-Raising on Head & Neck Cancers. The Instituto Projeto Cura is also in this fight, to educate and demystify that type of disease.

Do you know where are the locations where the Head & Neck Cancers appear? Such tumors affect lips, tongue, floor of mouth, roof of mouth, sinuses, nasal cavity, tonsils, base of tongue, pharynx, larynx, salivary glands, blood vessels, muscles and nerves of the region and thyroid.

Are you aware of the most common symptoms associated to such cancers, which are sometimes neglected? Check them out!

  • – mouth wounds that do not heal
  • – hoarseness for over 15 days
  • – palpable lymph nodule on the neck
  • – sore throat that do not respond to antibiotics
  • – pain or difficulty to swallow or to breath.
  • – persistent nose bleeding or secretion
  • – Attention: Such symptoms are not necessarily associated to cancer – and that´s why one needs to investigate if they last for over 02 weeks. Visit a specialized doctor to go under a clinical assessment.

Those types of cancer are highly preventable! !

In addition to symptoms, it is important to be acquainted with the risk factors for the diseases and try to avoid them as follows:

– avoid the consumption of alcohol
– do not smoke
– dedicate attention to buccal hygiene
– avoid HPV infection by getting vaccinated and using condoms

Stay alert!

One of the major problems to treat Head & Neck Cancers is the late diagnosis, which happens in 60% of cases, causing a significant loss of quality of life during and after the treatment. However, on the other hand, whenever diagnosed at the first stage, the probability of cure is over 80%

Early diagnosis saves lives!

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