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Highlights of 2021 Best of Asco, by Dr. Eduardo Romero

11 June 2021 – The 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting is the largest worldwide congress of Oncology and the most expected one by professionals working in that area, since every year it presents several studies that change the clinical practice. Due to the pandemic, in 2021 – for the second consecutive year – the event was held 100% online. Each year there are countless studies that can transform our practice or emerge as an option for change.

Here are some highlights from ASCO 2021:

Breast: a study addressing adjuvant treatment (sugiro explicar significado de “adjuvância” para os leitores leigos) with PARP in patients bearing mutation of BRCA1 and BRCA2. There was a significant increase of disease-free survival rates with Olaparibe. We are expecting the publication of overall-survival rates by the investigators.

Prostate: a study demonstrated increased overall-survival rates with the LU-PSMA 617 therapy in PSMA-positive patients bearing prostate cancer resistant to castration who have undergone previous treatments with the new-generation of anti-androgenic and taxanes. Such study changes immediately the clinical practice, since it demonstrates an increased overall-survival rate.

Head & Neck: use of immunotherapy associated with standard chemotherapy in first line for recurrent/metastatic nasopharynx carcinoma. The study demonstrated important progression-free survival rates. It should be pointed out that we are expecting the publication of data regarding the overall survival and quality of life.

Kidney: immunotherapy in adjuvant treatment of clear cells renal cancer. It presented increased disease-free survival, however it is still early to analyze the global survival rate, despite the positive trend.

These are just some examples of several studies presented, with potential to change our clinical practice, or – if no change takes place – to open new possibilities in treatments for several types of neoplasia.

For such reason we always reinforce the importance of clinical trials. They really save lives! Events of such magnitude encourage us to dedicate increasing efforts to clinical researches.

Several Brazilian medical centers and investigators joined these and other studies presented at ASCO, thus increasing our pride and encouragement to continue fighting to enable the conduction of clinical researches in our country. Patients are the most benefitted ones!

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