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The Principal Investigator of a new treatment of prostate cancer wins a Cure Project Award

June 10 th , 2020 – Oncologist Dr. Fernando Maluf is the winner of the Renata Thormann Procianoy Award, granted by the Cure Project Institute to homage Brazilian scientific researchers who have been contributing to improve the treatments and the survival time of patients.

The winner was announced on June 9 during the Brazilian edition of the Online 2020 Best of ASCO, an event officially authorized by the ASCO – American Society of Clinical Oncology, which promotes, on a yearly basis, the largest and most important worldwide congress of Oncology.

Dr. Fernando is the Principal Investigator of a 100% Brazilian study addressing a new drug to combat prostate cancer in advanced stages. Coordinated by LACOG – Latin American Society of Clinical Oncology, with headquarters in Porto Alegre (RS), the clinical trial involved 14 research centers and several Brazilian oncologists.

The findings of the study were presented by the winning researcher during the online plenary session of the American ASCO20 on May 29 and on June 8, during the Brazilian edition of that event. According to him, the quite interesting findings of the work resulted in its presentation at the podium of the American congress of Oncology. “The pioneer status of this research demonstrates the importance that it might bring to patients of the entire world, and for that reason it was selected as one of the most important studies presented during the congress”, he explains.

The scientific commission responsible for selecting the winner of the Renata Thormann Procianoy Award was led by the medical director of the Sírio Libanês Hospital and professor at the Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland, oncologist Dr. Max Mano.

About the Research

Testosterone is the main nutrient for the malignant cell of prostate cancer, while the standard treatment procedure is the hormonal castration – chemical or surgical. However, according to Maluf, “the reduction of testosterone among men results in several side effects: loss of libido, sexual potency, bone and muscle mass and neurological effects, in addition to hot flashes, usually leading the quality of life to a very low level.”

The study presented at ASCO involved 128 patients who received drugs that prevent the delivery of testosterone to the cancer cells. According to the oncologist, “this is a worldwide pioneer study that assesses these new strategies to face the prostate cancer in advanced stages, with the objective of – after a confirmatory study replacing the hormonal castration by these new drugs, preserving the same efficacy, however increasing the quality of life”.

The winner physician works at the Beneficência Portuguesa hospital of São Paulo and The Israeli Albert Einstein. He is faculty member at the Medical School of the Santa Casa de São Paulo.

The Renata Thormann Procianoy Award

This was the second edition of the Renata Thormann Procianoy Award. In 2019, the winner was the oncologist Thiago Bueno, from the AC Camargo Hospital, with a research addressing patients bearing locally advanced head and neck cancer.

The name of the award  is a homage to Renata, killed in a car accident in 2013. Renata made restless efforts while searching researches to help her mother, Nora Thormann, to combat a cancer. Her efforts resulted in the inclusion of Nora in a research coordinated by oncologist Roberto Miranda at the MD Anderson Hospital of The Texas University (USA).

After the episode, Nora decided to contribute with the researches by making a donation to the Cure Project, which was directed to those researches coordinated by LACOG.

According to the president of Cure, Fernanda Schwyter, “the mission of the Cure Project is to develop a culture of philanthropy in Latin America, raise awareness among the population about the benefits of researches, encourage new researchers, raise and manage – with the best ethical rules – funds to finance oncological researches addressing the cure of cancer in the region”.